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Winchester, VA Auto Repair and Service Shop. Professional auto car services from oil changes to engine repairs.

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company with three locations  to service your car or truck needs.

Our technicians have over 80 years of experience to tackle all

major or minor work.  Auto Depot of Winchester is our newest

store,   opening in March of 2015.

      Our technicians are all mechanics who know how to

 get  your car fixed correctly the first time. We strive to

bring  the latest diagnostic to any repair job to make

 sure that  you are getting the most up to date solutions

to the peskiest problems. We offer all diagnostic

scanning to  service any make and model from air-bag

lights to tire  monitor sensors.

    Auto Depot of America offers major work

as well including, but not limited to; engine repair, axle

replacement/  repair and transmission

replacement and/or repair and  more.  We look

forward to serving you at Auto Depot of America."





" Auto Depot of America has been in the repair business since 2005. We are a veteran owned

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Common Auto Repair & Maintenance Q's & A's


Is car maintenance really that important?


   Yes. Car maintenance is essential to having your car run like new, no matter how many years you own it.  If maintenance is skipped, you run the risk of clogged fuel injectors, alternator issue caused by loose belts, radiator issue and much more.

    Your car should have a manufacturers owner's manual which provides the necessary maintenance information. Doing so will help your car last longer, run like new and cost less in the end by preserving expensive mechanical parts.




How long do car batteries last?


   On average, a car batteries last between 3-5 years. Driving habits and/or extreme exposure to the battery does play a role in the average battery life span. The battery is responsible to power all electrical components of your car and works along side with the starter.  If your battery is faulty or low, your will not start.

As a free complementary service, Winchester's Auto Depot of America can properly diagnose your battery to make sure you can safely arrive to your destination.




How often should I change my oil?


   This information can be found in your user manual. Oil changes may very per vehicle, but on average, every 3,000 miles. Oil is one of the most vital fluids, necessary and responsible for keeping your engine running like new. The longer you drive your car without changing the oil, causes oxidation in the oil. Oxidation will cause the oil to become thicker causing deposit formation and eventually cause issues. Make sure you change your oil per the manufacturers specs. Don;t forget to ask us for  our current oil change specials.




Do I really need to have my wheels Aligned ?


   Yes, absolutely! If your wheels are not properly aligned, the tires could wear twice as fast. At Auto Depot of America, we recommend checking your alignment after every other oil change ( approximately 6,000 miles).  A lot can happen between oil changes.  The root cause for alignment issues are; pot holes, rubbing against curb walls, driving on gravel uneven roads, etc.  All of these situation can change the tire alignment instantly  Ask one of our certified techs to inspect your alignment for free, to see if alignment is needed.


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