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Auto Depot of Winchester is one of the most respected automotive repair shops in Winchester, VA.  We have weekly specials that beat any competitor's quotes and we guarantee all our work!



 Mechanic Special for Engine issues:


 Engine Diagnostic Check:


    During our Memorial Day Extravaganza, we are offering a free diagnostic tune-up on all those troubling lights that shine on your dash.  Many of these indicators can affect the performance of your vehicle.  They should not be ignored. We will give you a complete review, up to 20 minutes of any code,  Auto Deport of Winchester is here to server you.



 Mechanic Special on Brakes:


 Free Brake Inspection:


   Your cars braking system is one of the biggest safety overlooks for customer on the road.  Soft braking, fluid leaks, ABS lights and brake dust can all affect your safety when you apply your brakes. Get them all checked to give you peace of mind.



 Mechanic Special for Fuel Injection issues:


 Fuel Injection Service - $49.95:


   Get a tune-up to the injection system on your car or truck. This vital service will clean injectors to avoid engine misfire ad codes. Keeping your injectors free and clear of tiny contaminants will guarantee longer performance for your engine.


Standard maintenance is important for your vehicle , click here to find out why

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